Meta Opens Third-Party Interoperability For Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp Users In The EU

Facebook’s parent firm is again leading the way to winning EU users’ hearts after it opted to enable interoperability of third-party apps for both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

This means users in this part of the world will now be able to message others across various texting platforms, other than Meta, provided they make use of the encryption protocol outlined by Signal. The news was shared by the tech giant via a blog post yesterday.

The company added how such an act would give rise to greater compliance with the DMA of the EU. The latter has been discussed a lot in detail and how many tech giants in today’s time try to make the most of their leading positions of gatekeepers and hence hinder competition from flourishing in the market.

Today, the Digital Markets Act wants companies such as Meta Platforms to give rise to more interoperability amongst different products and those arising from competitors.

Meta already makes use of the encryption protocols of Signal and therefore it vows to continue guarding users’ messages via this mechanism as third-party interoperability is launched and messages are moved away from the Meta app. But it also added a stark warning about how it’s taking a major risk and that it wouldn’t be able to control what third parties are doing with such texts after getting received.

Any messaging app that doesn’t make use of this kind of E2E encryption will need to prove that products are secured in an adequate manner whereby message content can be accepted online. Moreover, apps arising from third parties will now be required to pass the cryptographic signature process for better connectivity to a host of services on the platform.

To better the security of users, they need providers belonging to third parties to make use of this protocol, the company highlighted in the post. It needs to work out for the world so that is why Meta is giving the green signal to providers of third parties to use this protocol if they wish to demonstrate similar security guarantee offers as Signal.

We saw tech giant Meta mention in December of 2023 that it was switching off the entire interoperability endeavor arising between apps like Instagram and Facebook Messenger, as a part of the whole DMA plan. Remember, the EU has also referred to Apple, Alphabet, TikTok, Microsoft, and Amazon as gatekeepers but they did make an exception to the list by removing iMessage from Apple and the Edge browser from Microsoft.

Seeing interoperability across third-party platforms like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp means giving rise to a huge ground for digital texts being circulated like never before seen. For now, Facebook’s parent firm is yet to share plans that enable users working beyond the European Union to witness this kind of freedom.

The reason linked to this might be due to the pressure of competition taking place or any liable security risks imposed by servers belonging to third parties.

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