OpenAI Drops Aggressive Blog Post In Response To Elon Musk’s Lawsuit Against The Company

The world of tech got plenty of entertainment last night after leading AI firm OpenAI rolled out a stern response to Elon Musk’s lawsuit against the company.

The matter included a bold and very aggressive blog post that managed to give the tech billionaire plenty of food for thought after he slammed the company’s CEO and President for breaching contracts and entering unfair competition.

This all was linked to the fact that OpenAI makes major profits and revenue in the world of artificial AI to ensure the public remains well protected, calling it a matter that was ahead of its duty.

But the company is not going to sit down silently and watch all the allegations being thrown in its direction and therefore it opted to bring out receipts and post email copies of conversations arising amongst Musk, Brockman, Altman, and one top scientist Sutskever.

There were a lot of discussions from emails and we’ve highlighted the top five most pertinent information that you may have missed and therefore need to know.

For starters, the leading AI scientist shed light for better clarity on how the term open in the company’s name does not represent the open source. The goal is to begin by being less open as the world must benefit from the betterment of AI technology after its launch.

Secondly, Musk himself was the one to agree that AI shouldn’t be sourced openly at the start and that it would make more sense this way. He even mentioned how it was in the firm’s best interest to not be so public in sharing the science of this kind, agreeing with a firm yes.

Thirdly, Elon Musk gave out a suggestion of linking the OpenAI company to his Tesla firm so that the organization’s funding targets could be met better. The email was forwarded by Musk to the chief scientist and OpenAI President where the tech billionaire alleged that OpenAI was in fact burning cash and this way, it would never attain the same financial position as arch-rival Google.

There was even a very promising option here linked to OpenAI attaching Tesla to milk more funds that again was strongly hinted at by Musk. The latter kept on insisting that that was the best bet forward and a path that might beat out Google.

Another striking detail was linked to shifting OpenAI from non-profit to profit-making - a matter that was already discussed at the start of 2018.

Today, the AI giant is still non-profit ostensibly. This was forwarded by Musk himself in February of 2018 and he felt it was a great initiative after revenue streams would arrive with time, not to mention how the current team in place would allocate room for more investments.

Lastly, there was a discussion about Sutskever (Chief AI scientist) getting worried about difficult takeoffs where it was easier to produce unsafe types of AI than rollout AI which is not safe.

So as you can see here clearly, the main concern of OpenAI since day was giving rise to a model that is unsafe for the world to use, producing more harm than good. And that problem was evident during the difficult takeoff scenario.

If indeed hard takeoffs did arise, open sourcing is the way to go as it makes it difficult for anyone to access the great degree of hardware to create unsafe variants of AI. Clearly, this was a moment of enlightenment that perhaps Musk might be scratching his head over.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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