TikTok’s Revamped Creator Fund Increases Total Creator Revenue By More Than 250%

TikTok has a huge reason to celebrate and in case you don’t know, its new and improved creator fund is making heads turn.

Not only is the success increasing but so is the popularity that has grown by more than 250% online in the past six months. Moreover, the firm mentioned how this fund is getting out of beta in the next couple of weeks, after being rolled out one year back.

The new version was a great replacement for TikTok’s real $1 billion creator fund and so content creators have a lot to look forward to soon.

In other news, TikTok mentioned how the LIVE Subscription tool for monetization is getting renamed to be known as Subscription only and that would be undergoing an expansion for creators that are non-live.

During the time of the launch, we saw the revamped creator get dubbed as Creativity Program and as it exited the beta version, it’s getting the new name of being the app’s Rewards Program.

Unlike the actual Creator Fund, this new drive provides rewards to creators for content that’s longer in duration as it ensures people are rewarded for hard work and efforts that are needed to produce material of this kind that goes beyond the one-minute timeframe.

Since the launch of longer-duration content, we saw the app mention how users were spending close to 50% of their time each day on material that’s longer in duration. We’ve also seen the TikTok app report how longer videos were viewed 40% more in the past six months.

This new fund was produced as a reply to complaints arising from content makers who witnessed the app’s past model go down the drain thanks to low payments generated in their direction.

Some creators mentioned how they were earning a couple of dollars for content getting views in the millions range. When we first saw the app get launched, it was estimated that creators could produce close to 20 times what they were earning in the past on the app.

While the app has been in the works of competing with YouTube through the rollout of longer content material, it does not offer similar payments to content creators that YouTube does. This might be one reason why creators cannot get enough of the platform.

Today, YouTube shares massive ad revenue with content creators online, paying out a staggering $30 billion in just three years. The app’s latest creator fund is designed to make creators happy and motivate them to produce videos of longer duration on TikTok, instead of only YouTube.

As far as the latest news on Subscriptions is concerned, the app is giving rise to creators working non-LIVE so they can engage with viewers better via exclusive perks. The app is going to make it available to only those creators getting invites. Meanwhile, those eligible will get the chance to sign up for more access soon.

With the tool undergoing an expansion, the app would enable creators to give out perks to subscribers for content including LIVEs but not solely limited to those.

Meanwhile, creators could post content exclusively so that only those who are subscribed to their channels can see what’s on display here.

Those users that subscribe to creators will need to attain the subscriber badge as seen next to their respective names after posting comments on such content and during a LIVE session. The app says there will be greater perks available soon after the feature gets launched completely.

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