Google Play Store Had 1.3 Million Abandoned Apps in Q4 2023, New Report Reveals

A new report by Pixalate has just released its Q4 2023 Abandoned Mobile Apps Report, and it revealed some intriguing insights about the state of the industry as of right now. These are apps that haven’t been updated in at least a year.

It bears mentioning that the Google Play Store has about 1.3 million abandoned apps in that quarter, which is 38% of all the apps on the platform. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that this is a 4% decrease year over year.

Over in Apple’s corner of the world, 32% of all apps are abandoned. This is a sharp 17% uptick since 2022, since 581,000 apps have been abandoned with all things having been considered and taken into account.

Another category is that of so-called super abandoned apps, which are apps that haven’t been updated in 4 years or more. The Google Play Store has just under 450,000 of these, whereas the Apple App Store has somewhere in the region of 229,000.
Programmatic ad spends on these abandoned apps is surprisingly high, with $1 million on Google and a whopping $4.3 million with Apple. This goes to show that abandoned apps have a much higher programmatic ad spend on the App Store per app.

Another interesting detail revealed in this report is that a large number of Russian apps have been abandoned. 39% of the apps on the App Store that are of Russian origin have been abandoned, with the same going for 46% of Google Play Store apps that fit the bill.

If we were to look at the total number of abandoned apps on the App Store that contain ads, their numbers have increased from 60,000 in Q4 2022 to 74,000 in Q4 2023. This is a 24% increase year over year, so it will be interesting to see where things go from here on out. Apps like these might become an ever higher proportion of the total before too long.

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