Instagram's New Hashtag Search Aims to Improve Discovery

Instagram is updating how hashtags work in the app to help users find more about what they're interested in. Instead of showing just the "Top Posts" for a hashtag, now when you tap on a hashtag, like "#makeup", you'll see everything related to that topic, similar to what you find in the Explore section.

Before, clicking on a hashtag would take you to a page mainly showing the most popular posts. Now, the change means you can see more than just posts. You get to explore accounts, audio clips, places, and reels related to your search. This new way is meant to help people find more profiles and content, not just the ones with the most likes.

Instagram believes this update will make it easier for users to dive into different types of content and discover more about what interests them. This is a small but smart change. The Explore page already lets users look through various types of content easily. Now, searching with a hashtag will offer a similar experience.

This update also means that having the right keywords in your profile is more important. Profiles that show up in hashtag searches might not always use that hashtag in their posts. However, they often have related words in their profile name or description.

With the rise of Reels, Instagram users who enjoy watching these short videos will find it easier to see Reels related to their searches.

This update is designed to make finding new content and profiles on Instagram easier and more thorough. It's a way to broaden what you can discover through a simple hashtag search.

The only thing left for Instagram to add is a way to sort these search results by the date they were posted. That would make finding the newest content even easier.

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