YouTube Studio Mobile Update Simplifies Direct Video Posting

Kudos content creators! An update on YouTube Studio on mobile will let creators directly post videos from their phone via the management app. The content creators will only have to tap the + icon on the Studio Mobile app to post content directly from their camera roll. The creators will also be able to manage their video monetization from their YouTube accounts.

Till now, content creators had to post their videos from YouTube accounts directly and that didn't let them manage their monetization from there. The update is especially for Shorts creators who want to create videos vertically with more advanced tools.

Moreover, YouTube is also working on a Community Posts feed that will make YouTube more like a social media app, and not a video app. YouTube widely rolled out Community Posts last May to users that let them post text or image based updates that help gather more engagements. YouTube has explained that: "Community Posts are getting more popular among many users and the subscribers are always looking for their favorite content creators to update on Community Posts. Now, we want users to discover more posts like this so we are developing a feed for Android and IOS that will only be about Community Posts. Users will be able to see these posts by tapping “view all posts” on the creator’s links on the Home tab."
Many viewers assume that YouTube users only watch videos on YouTube but now this will be proven wrong because YouTube notes and Community Posts are going to get popular and will bring more engagement. YouTube is also working on an Affiliating tagging system which will let YouTube creators who come live to tag products in affiliate programs. The creators will have to select products from an approved list and the creators will be able to link those products in live stream. It is also a great step for live-stream shopping on YouTube. It is quite popular in Asian markets but now Western markets are also going to adopt it.

Another update about YouTube is that it is working on helping creators grow their audience. YouTube will give specific creators 10 free memberships that they can give to their audience in their live streams. YouTube had this facility in the past but it was only giving 5 free memberships to creators. But now, the number of memberships has expanded. This will surely attract more audience to the channel and it will help in its growth.

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