Instagram is Trying Out a New Feature That Will Limit the Number of Hashtags Used on a Post to 5

According to recent user reports, Instagram is testing out a feature that will let users add only a specific number of hashtags to their posts.

Now, the user will be able to add only 5 hashtags to a single post. As per screenshots it could be seen that when you try to add more than 5 hashtags to a post a message appears saying “You can only add 5 hashtags”. This update on Instagram is similar to Threads as Meta has also restricted adding more than 5 hashtags to Threads’ posts.

Meta, Instagram's parent company, aims to curb spam by restricting users to 5 hashtags per post.
Image: @howfxr / X

The idea of Meta behind this update is to prevent spammers from spam posts with trending hashtags. The spammers use as many hashtags as they can so their posts can appear in search results and they can get more engagement and views. Meta will also prevent Instagram spammers from spam posts with unlimited hashtags but the users on Instagram can also add hashtags to comments. The hashtags in comments also let their posts get maximum reach. So this means that the implementation of this feature on Instagram is not going to bring any big effect to the hashtags.

All things aside, if you need to make your content to grow on the platform, you need to learn the art of hashtags. When you use the right hashtags, you can get maximum reach even if you are using around 3 to 5 hashtags. You will need to learn how these hashtags will be used and what time of posting is the best. Instagram limiting the hashtags also tells us that they aren't as effective as they used to be. Instagram is implementing new algorithms in the app that let the users see content that they are interested in. You will just have to know what identifiers to use to make Instagram identify the category of your content.

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