YouTube Shorts All Set To Get Vertical Live Stream Broadcasts As App Adds New Podcast Options

Video-sharing giant YouTube is getting more inspiration from TikTok as the company just unveiled its latest plans for the Shorts app.

Users will now get to witness vertical live stream broadcasts across the Shorts feed and plenty of examples can be seen about this innovative change before it goes live.

Users will soon see previews of live broadcasts on Shorts, allowing easy access to join ongoing streams.

Viewers will see short previews of in-progress live broadcasts that users can join with sheer ease by simply clicking on the Watch Live feature.

To be more clear on the matter, creators would be given the chance to enjoin in live streaming through the classic vertical formats that have been in demand from users for quite some time.

The app is setting the stage by rolling out a series of discovery options that display broadcasts found on Shorts. So as you can imagine, it’s quite like what is visible on TikTok at the moment.

The company says this approach has been quite successful for TikTok and they hope to see the same response on YouTube too.

Moreover, TikTok is also very keen on making some live-streaming options more of a big deal than what was witnessed in the past. So many users in the West have enjoyed the feature on TikTok and there’s no reason why we can’t see something similar take center stage on the video streaming and sharing giant.

Critics hope the platform does not get bombarded by the likes of rubbish NPC posts that have transformed into a fad in recent times.

Meanwhile, on another front, the app has also mentioned how plenty of podcasters would be able to upload RSS feeds across the YouTube Studio. This would give rise to another means to distribute content for podcasts.

Whenever a content creator opts to link podcast feeds to the platform, the app would roll out static images for every episode and that would give rise to more individuals following content seen online and listening through the app.

The company has been trying hard to better options for podcasts with the growing number of users on the app who utilize the platform for not only viewing but also listening such as YouTube Music.

In the past year, we saw the company create a chance to play podcast playlist options live as it would enhance the overall audio strategy.

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