Gartner Forecasts Surge to 295 Million AI PCs and Smartphones by Year-End

Generative AI (GenAI) is becoming more common in our gadgets. Up until now, this tech mainly worked online. However, companies are changing this. They are adding special parts to PCs and smartphones that can handle AI tasks right on the device.

Gartner, a group that studies the market, predicts that by the end of this year, there will be 295 million AI PCs and GenAI smartphones. This is a huge jump from 29 million in 2023, and indicates the massive technological shift that we are going through. These devices have special chips and parts made just for AI.

Reports say that PC makers are planning to release AI PCs by June. Microsoft might also update Windows 11 to support these AI PCs. Smaller versions of big AI systems, like Meta’s Llama 2, can now run on these devices.

Moreover, experts think that having AI on devices will soon be normal. Ranjit Atwal from Gartner says this will make it tough for companies to stand out because everyone will have it. Most of the new AI devices will be smartphones, approximately 240 million of them. PCs will also be a big part, with an estimated 54.5 million shipped. Together, they will take up a whopping 22% of their markets.

Even with more AI PCs, prices might not go up much. It will also take some time for software companies to show how useful on-device AI can be.

GenAI integrated into gadgets, shifting from online to on-device processing, with millions of AI PCs and smartphones projected.
Chart: Gartner

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