Google's New Security Measure Aims to Prevent Android Users from Downloading Unsafe Side-Loaded Applications

Android maker Google is all set to bar users in select few regions from installing unsafe applications.

The news comes as the company looks to generate more fraud protection measures in association with local government bodies.

The initiative is designed to overcome a massive scam issue in the nation, which is considered to be the first to experiment with the matter.

The feature is up for grabs across Google Play Protect and these new features will prevent Android users from downloading any side-loaded applications that come with a certain degree of risk. Moreover, such platforms are usually installed from many online places like messaging platforms or places like file managers.

The measures will prevent mobile phone users from making use of malware-filled scams that have been a growing problem in places like Google Singapore. The latter has spoken about working alongside the Cyber Security Agency, which has to do with the government’s anti-scam initiative.

The matter is concerning for many reasons, as so many mobile users have been victims of the scams that are associated with malware. Google Singapore mentioned how it has worked alongside plenty of agencies in regards to this feature and it’s glad to finally roll out a safeguard measure as a part of the government’s initiative to fight scams on the rise.

Plenty of cybercriminals make use of tactics for social engineering that end up deceiving mobile users and forcing them to disable security guardrails in place. They ignore all kinds of proactive warnings linked to scams and even phishing attempts.

This causes users to install side-loaded platforms and disclose data that’s confidential and in the end, the scams can force some to take part in frauds or scams.

A survey was rolled out in the past month and that had to do with tech giant Google who mentioned how it fell victim to a series of online scams.

So far, Google Play Protect has gone as far as noting close to 515k apps that are deemed to be potentially risky. This is since the start of last year in October. They issued warnings that comprised close to 3 million in number and were designed to block any questionable apps along the way.

This new security feature in place means more Android users located in Singapore can benefit from it and they would be blocked through automated means from taking part in downloads of this kind.

With such security features, Android users present in Singapore would be blocked through automated means from getting apps and they would be served alerts regarding this and how Google has barred them from getting permission.

The feature will inspect all the permissions of the platforms in real-time and will look particularly at four permissions that entail reading and getting texts and accessibility services.

Users would be blocked from downloading apps as per reports from search engine giant Google. The permissions are very sensitive and they’re commonly abused by fraudsters. A lot of victims have been exploited on this front in the past.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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