Website Creates Highly Realistic Fake IDs Using Advanced Technology

A website named "OnlyFake" is reportedly creating very real-looking fake IDs with the help of advanced technology. According to a test done by 404 Media, the site can quickly produce a fake driver's license from California. The test showed that one could choose what name, personal details, address, expiry date, and signature to put on the fake ID. Users can also pick from a collection of ready-made images on OnlyFake if they don't want to use their own picture.

The fake IDs even come with backgrounds, like a carpet, which some websites ask for when checking if an ID is real. OnlyFake takes it a step further by changing the image's details to make it look like it was taken with a smartphone, making the fake seem more convincing.

On the social media app Telegram, OnlyFake has shared more examples of its work, including driver's licenses and passports from various countries like the US, Canada, Austria, and Switzerland.

404 Media also tried using a fake British passport from OnlyFake for an identity check on a cryptocurrency exchange website, and it worked.

OnlyFake says it uses complex technology to make these IDs and can produce up to 20,000 documents daily. It also mentions that many documents can be made at once if the information is given in an Excel spreadsheet. However, 404 Media couldn't confirm if this process was really happening.

The backgrounds used in these fake IDs seem to be real pictures, not created by technology. Some IDs from OnlyFake have the same unique backgrounds, suggesting the site is placing the fake ID details onto real photo backgrounds.

Besides making their own photo for the ID, users can pick from many faces available on OnlyFake's site, which the site says are not made by technology. This offers a way for people to create an ID without using their own photo.

Even though these images aren't as good as having a physical fake ID, they can still be used in many ways online, as shown by 404 Media's test.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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