Google to Stand Trial Over Antitrust Allegations in September

Google is set to go to court on September 9 to face serious charges from the U.S. Justice Department and several states. They are accused of using unfair methods to keep its spot as the top search engine. Google, which controls 90% of the search market, supposedly paid hefty sum of money to the tech giants like Apple to be the go-to search platform on devices such as the iPhone. Legal proceedings suggests that Google should be made to sell part of its business, specifically its ad manager, to make the competition in the search engine market more fair.

Google disagrees with these accusations. The company argues that if they lose the lawsuit, it could lead to less innovation, higher advertising costs, and difficulties for many small businesses and media houses looking to expand their businesses.

This trial is very important because it could lead to big changes for Google and the future of searching on the Internet. However, there's also a chance that nothing will change and the search giant will continue its business as usual.
Google didn't want to talk about the trial date. The Justice Department, along with Virginia and other states, wanted the trial to happen in July in Alexandria. But a said that the summer trial would be too hard to manage, as reported by a media outlet. Neither Google nor the Justice Department commented on the trial date decision.

Google is also facing other legal battles. In March 2025, Google will face another trial in Texas over similar issues related to its advertising technology. Additionally, a third case is expected to have closing arguments in May in Washington, D.C. This involves the Justice Department, Colorado, and other states, and focuses on Google's strong hold on search market.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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