Meta’s Oversight Board Rolls Out Decision On President Biden’s Controversial Vote Casting Video

Meta’s Oversight Board was created as an advisory precaution to better review the moderation decisions at hand for its Instagram and Facebook apps.

This week, the board has rolled out a decision regarding a seven-second video featuring the country’s head of state and his debatable actions during the content. The video in question features Biden and his granddaughter casting a ballot during the start of the midterm elections. Moreover, the content features Biden kissing her cheek as she votes and even pins a sticker onto her that proves that she voted.

The video went viral last year when one person spoke about how the video should be removed and that’s when the decision was left to the board as Meta stated that they did not find anything wrong with it.

The viewers questioned the content because they felt it was highly inappropriate in terms of the fact that Biden was touching and holding a young girl inappropriately. Moreover, some went as far as dubbing the country’s head of state as a sick pedophile too.

Now, the decision from the company’s Oversight Board speaks about how they agree with Meta’s decision to leave the content online but called the policy very relevant but incoherent. Moreover, all eyes were on the final verdict for months as it was announced in October last year that the board would soon have its final say.

But to find nothing wrong with it and agree with Meta’s final ruling is now causing an uproar as some predicted that they were not keen on seeing it on their feeds because it gave out a wrong image.

What is concerning right now is how the Board agrees with Facebook’s parent firm but also claims that the matter does not make sense because of the policy at stake.

The decision dropped on Monday had the Oversight Board agreeing with Meta’s choice but stating how any altered videos were banned that had people stating things that they’re not really saying like in this case. On the other hand, it does not prohibit posts displaying individuals doing things that they didn’t do. What is even more shocking is how it has to do with things produced via AI technology only and fails to address fake content that can bypass the rules in place.

The policy also fails to address issues linked to manipulated content in the form of audio and calls it one of the leading forms of disinformation for the upcoming elections.

So there is advice being given by the Board’s head who says the goal right now should not be more focused on how content is made but should deal with what it is designed to stop.

Any such changes should be in place on an urgent basis in regard to the upcoming elections as per the decision. But on a technical basis, the board’s decision in terms of what says and what remains is still having a huge question mark on it.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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