Shareholders Push for Apple to Open Up About AI Use

At Apple's yearly meeting, big shareholders have a chance to suggest changes. This year, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) wants Apple to share how it uses AI and its rules for using this technology safely.

Norges Bank Investment Management and Legal & General, two of Apple's biggest shareholders, are backing this idea. Norges Bank says Apple should think about how its work and products affect society. Legal & General talked to Apple about being more open with its AI plans but didn't get the details they wanted. They think Apple should be clear about how it uses AI and how it manages any risks.

A big advisory group, Institutional Shareholder Services, is telling Apple's investors to support this AI proposal. They believe Apple's current rules don't fully cover the risks of using AI. This makes it hard for shareholders to understand the dangers.

Apple, however, doesn't want this proposal to pass. The company says the report being asked for is too broad and could make them share secrets that could hurt their competitive edge. In the U.S., even if shareholders like an idea, it doesn't force the company to do it. But if more than 30% of investors like an idea, it usually makes the company think seriously about it.
Everyone is watching to see if Apple will introduce new AI features at its WWDC event this year. This push for more openness about AI use at Apple is part of a bigger conversation on how big tech companies handle new technologies and their impact on society.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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