Microsoft Copilot Can Soon Be Your Digital Assistant On Android By Replacing Google Assistant Or Bixby

A new update to Microsoft’s Copilot beta is on the rise, meaning it could soon transform into users’ go-to digital assistant across Android devices.

This means a replacement for both Bixby and Google Assistant is on the cards and we don’t see why or how this can’t be possible as a new exciting endeavor.

For now, all Android devices don’t add restrictions to users who utilize Google Assistant as their default. You can select between the company’s choice and another app called Bixby for instance, if you were using Samsung.

Google is even allowing its users to get rid of Google Assistant and make do with its latest and breakthrough Gemini powered by AI technology. This is the latest version of what we used to call Bard. For now, the only thing that might be missing is Copilot by Microsoft.

The latest digital assistant to host on Android today is Microsoft Copilot. It’s the leading AI application that makes do with ChatGPT technology to get the best web results and provide replies to any queries. It even has a huge range of sensational picture production that’s powered via the likes of DALL-E’s newest work.

The latest beta build was first seen by a tech enthusiast who witnessed how Copilot enters into the realms of digital assistants up for grabs on devices. This way, users can opt to make use of Copilot when pressing its power button. It can similarly swipe up from the bottom edge of the device. This used to be the old spot of Google Assistant that would pop up then, right before the application for Copilot was rolled out.

This is a great shortcut in the latest form that needs some work. Instead of popping up in small overlay boxes with chat features coming in handy, we can see shortcuts opening up across such apps. It’s something that could be done easily with a quick tap. Future changes would likely include some more seamless utilities we assume because this is just a small beta build for now.

The launch of Copilot to Android devices as users’ assistants means big things for the leading AI app. It can now be seen as a real competitor for Google Assistant. Remember, future models would make it so much simpler to witness Copilot apps transforming into something that’s rusted for a long list of users with Android phones.

Google allows users to replace Google Assistant with Gemini AI, paving the way for Copilot's entry into the Android digital assistant landscape.

H/T: Mishaal Rahman / X

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