YouTube Kids Integrates Into The Main App On Smart TVs And Game Consoles For Simpler Access

Google is integrating its popular YouTube Kids platform into the main app, the company announced recently.

The video search engine says the goal is to simplify access for both kids and parents across smart devices and game consoles.

The endeavor has been a popular and kid-friendly one for years where parents and kids have united in their living rooms and sat together to watch all types of entertaining offerings. When we saw Google roll it out across gaming consoles and smart TVs too last year, it mentioned how the goal was to ensure it was accessible to all kinds of devices. And that meant you did not require the urge to switch to the app separately.

Recently, Google rolled out a new support document on this front and how the kids' app is bidding farewell by the summer of this year. So if you wish to access YouTube Kids, you need to go to the main platform. So no, it’s not being killed completely but instead ridding the need to hop from one app to the next.

You can find more content that’s kid-friendly inside the main app, the company says so there’s no need to be upset. The change is said to entail all apps where users can find YouTube Kids today.

Be it streaming devices, gaming consoles, or smart televisions. Users just need to press on the profile image that’s present across navigation drawers, click the screen dubbed ‘who’s watching’, and then press on the profile for YouTube kids.

Nevertheless, all the rest regarding the whole YouTube Kids endeavor remains the same. This means no amendments are being made to content seen online as well as parental controls or the usual settings.

The search engine giant failed to mention if the change was coming to either iOS or Android for now so that’s another announcement that eager fans are waiting for from the company soon. But from what we can see right now, the firm is opting to keep it separate for both platforms.

Kids can continue to watch YouTube Kids, even if they’re not really signed into the app. Before, they used to do that by accessing the Kids app via a kid’s profile. Now, they’re diving into the fun through Guest Accounts.

The YouTube Kids application for smart TVs has been present for close to seven years. So far, it’s given rise to a solid performance with plenty of viewership that is supported by the most solid algorithm seen today.

Parents love the fact that they can sit back and unwind, knowing their children can explore this app without being exposed to a mature that is not kid-friendly. Moreover, the platform puts them in the driving seat and provides them with control regarding the whole kids’ experience.

The latest update from Google will allow users to pull the plug across any Kids TV application as you’ll now find it being a part of the main app so even installations are said to be more basic and smoother.

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