Meta Changes How Instagram and Threads Handle Political Content

Meta is changing the way Instagram and Threads show political content. The company wants to avoid making Threads like Twitter, where political debates can get very heated. Now, Instagram and Threads won't "proactively" show users political posts. This is similar to what Meta already does on Facebook. It has cut down on political content in different places like the News Feed and video suggestions.

Image: Digital Information World

Meta plans to bring these changes to Instagram and Threads as the 2024 U.S. elections get closer. This means less political content in Instagram Reels and the Explore section, as well as in the main feed of both Instagram and Threads.

Threads is trying to be different from Twitter, avoiding news and political debates. Even though Threads delayed adding a trends feature, Meta doesn't want to push news content there.

Meta's new rules affect how Instagram suggests posts to users. But, if someone follows an account that shares political content, they will still see those posts in their feed and stories. It just means those posts won't be suggested to people who don't follow the account. Instagram will let professional accounts check if they can be suggested and change their content if they want to be.

Users who like political content can choose to see it in their settings on Instagram and Threads. Facebook will have a similar option later.

Meta is making these changes slowly. They want to be careful after facing criticism for spreading hate and misinformation in the past. This could also help with lawmakers who are thinking about how to handle big tech companies.

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