Biden Administration Jets Out Billions In Chip Tech Research Investments To Limit Chinese Shipments

America has made it very clear that it’s not keen on importing any more semiconductor technology through shipments from China.

This is the reason why the current Biden administration has opted to roll out a staggering number of investments crossing the $5 billion mark as a part of the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act.

The news did not surprise many critics who claim it was a long time coming after the law was put into place.

The funds will reportedly go to the NSTC which is the name allotted to the public consortium that is designed to pick up the pace in terms of tech developments while enhancing national security, and also paving the way for more support in the American job market where plenty are employed as chip workers.

The rep for the Biden Administration confirmed the news and added how the technology was invented in the US to serve as a leading backbone for the current economy in place today. As it is, the US produces a little less than 10% of the world supply and that too is not advanced when you take other nations into consideration.

America has made plans for investments and there are close to hundreds of millions of dollars arising for the sake of training and making preparations to ensure the chip industry can serve as one of the best out there today.

It’s certainly a long way to go but how progress is being made today just goes to show how there is little to no interest in taking help from the Chinese which was once deemed as a key or strategic partner of the US. That’s no longer the case.

Chips or semiconductor technology are quintessential components of the industry and are found in a long list of devices that are commonly used in routine today.

From tech applications to airplanes, phones, and vehicles too- the list is immense. And when you think about the pandemic, there is a shortage in global chips that makes it all the more difficult to look for computer graphics that ended up costing the US a staggering $240 billion.

The CHIPS and Scient Act that came into play in the year 2022 also to limit exports from Chinese officials after a long list of concerns arising over national security had people talking. Some speculations went as far as to state how American tech would be used by China to prepare its own chips and that would serve their nation better, not to mention the use of the technology to make weapons too.

So America has once again made it very clear how growing tech trends like Generative AI continue to undervalue the importance of these chips and how it gives rise to a digital future like no other. A lot of these AI tools are consuming a significant amount of energy and such chip computing endeavors are predicted to increase in 2023, thanks to the usage of AI technology as mentioned by media outlet Nikkei Asia.

We’ve already seen chip giants like Nvidia who had a massively successful 2023, thanks to the growing rise in popularity for AI chips. They are speculated to create another department to design bespoke chip technology so many firms can benefit.

The American government’s substantial chip industry arose just a few days after the current Biden administration made it clear how it was going to roll out safety groups instead of AI technology that features close to 200 member firms and other companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Biden's administration ramps up semiconductor investments, surpassing $5 billion, aiming to bolster national security and job creation.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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