Dark Side Of Meta In The Spotlight: Investigations Prove It Allows Parental Exploitation Of Kids For Financial Gains On The App

Meta has been struck with another shocking array of investigations that are further tarnishing the company’s reputation.

Plenty of child influencer profiles were highlighted on both the Facebook and Instagram apps and that’s where investigators were shocked to find that it knowingly allowed parents to exploit their kids for financial gains across the app.

The news is alarming and disturbing for many as we’ve already witnessed plenty of advocates come forward and highlight the matter in the past. This is just another case tarnishing the tech giant’s reputation as it was also mentioned how such parents use subscription tools by paying high amounts to the company for this illegal activity.

As per reports by The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, both platforms have turned into a lucrative endeavor for those running such accounts for kids. This is especially true for young females who are considered minors and don’t meet the company age restriction limit.

These minor accounts are managed by the parents only and as per investigations they are selling material featuring explicitly themed content of kids to a huge audience, mostly adult men. Some of the kids wear the most revealing attire and they take part in disturbing chats, not to mention how huge sums of money Meta is earning in return for these activities.

The minimal age requirement is just 13 to carry out this act and as per the latest round of reports, staff at Meta knew very well all that was going down on that particular day. Still, the fact that they were okay with this is mindblowing for a lot of individuals.

For now, the company is staying rather hush on the matter. They refused to comment on any media outlet’s request for more information.

How the whole algorithm works ensures that the company is bound to make huge gains when there is a massive audience featuring adult men. As reported by The Times, there are close to 5000 accounts that it examined. It had nearly 32 million links featuring male followers and that led to further incentives from brands who were advertising to gain more engagement.

And in case you don’t know, some firms pay young influencers huge sums of money like $3000 for just one post as per media outlet The Times.

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