Google Confirms 'News' Tab Will Stay on Search

Google Search has been a go-to for filtering results, especially using the "News" tab. Recently, Google has been moving these tabs around, causing some worry. The company has now said this was just a test. The "News" tab is not going away.

When you search on Google, there's a bar with categories like Images and News under the search box.

Lately, Google has changed the order of these tabs. Sometimes, it even removed some, including the "News" tab. This was frustrating for users who rely on it to find the latest news. It's also crucial for publishers who get a lot of visitors from Google.

Google's Search Liaison shared a post on X that these changes were part of a test. They wanted to see what users prefer. This test only affected a few people.

Google stated, "The News filter is here to stay. We were just testing different ways to show filters on Search. As a result, some users temporarily couldn't see some of them."

It's not clear if Google will keep moving the tabs around. But for now, the "News" tab is safe.

Moreover, Google began trying out a new look for these search filters earlier this month. This new design makes the filters more noticeable.

Concerns arose as Google shuffled search tabs, but the company confirms the News tab is not being removed.
Image: DIW-AIgen

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