America’s Most Restrictive Ban On Minors’ Use Of Social Media Heads For Approval By Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

It’s a bill that many lawmakers in the state of Florida have been talking about for so long. One of the country’s most restrictive bans on the use of social media by minors is ready for approval by the state governor Ron DeSantis.

The news comes after the leading lawmaker showed massive concerns linked to laws designed to keep kids under the age of 16 away from famous social media apps unless they got consent and approval from their respective guardians/ parents.

The bill comes into effect after being passed with a massive majority vote in its favor. We’re talking 108-7, which is just hours after we saw it receive approval from the Senate with 23-14. The latter made a series of changes to the actual bill in the House, where Paul Renner who is the Republican Speaker, confirmed that he would be addressing any queries linked to privacy.

The bill targeted all social media websites tracking the users’ activity. It enabled kids to put out any kind of material and also carry out chats with all strangers and make use of addictive features along the way.

Supporters of this bill mentioned that it was designed to help put an end to the growing number of exploitation, cyberbullying, abuse, and more that has been involving young kids as the leading targets for years. They feel it was a long time coming as advocates have been raising concerns on the matter for years.

Many supporters in the state of Florida mentioned that if and when this bill became a law, it would be able to overcome the hurdles linked to plenty of legal challenges like notification alerts and videos displaying autoplay, instead of actual content on such websites.

But even then, opponents are arguing about how it is in clear violation of the country’s First Amendment. This has to do with parents being in charge of the entire decision-making, not officials of the government, regarding the monitoring of kids’ use of social media.

Some lawmakers have slammed the bill to such an extent that they’re calling for bills that should call for parents to spend more time with kids, taking part in healthy activities like making meals in the kitchen, and whatnot. So as you can see, the opposition generated against the bill is also plenty as not everyone agrees.

The legislation entails both members of the Democrats and Republicans.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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