ChatGPT: The New Love Guru with Risks

Many Americans are now using ChatGPT to help them on dating apps. A study by McAfee, a company that makes security software, found that nearly one in four people have used ChatGPT to make pictures and content for their dating profiles. Most of them noticed they got more attention and better replies because of it.

However, 64% of people would trust someone less if they found out they used AI to create images for their dating profile. While using AI to write a Valentine's Day card or improve a photo seems harmless, there are bigger dangers. Steve Grobman from McAfee warns that criminals are getting better at using AI for scams.

Majority wary: 64% would distrust AI-created dating profile images, warns McAfee's Steve Grobman of potential scams.

The study also found that one-third of Americans have been tricked by someone pretending to be a love interest online. Many have seen fake profiles or photos that seem to be made by AI. Some have even been tricked by very realistic fake videos, known as deepfakes, and lost money to these scams.

With more people using dating sites and apps, the introduction of AI makes dating even more complicated. There's also been an increase in harmful files and messages around Valentine's Day.

Grobman suggests being careful online. He says to watch out for messages that seem fake, to check if profile photos are real (even a simple Google image search can help a lot), and never send money to someone you haven't met. He also advises talking to friends about new love interests and keeping social media profiles private. Using tools that stop scams can also help.

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