Microsoft and OpenAI Report on Hackers Using AI for Cyber Attacks

Microsoft and OpenAI have found that cybercriminals are now using AI to carry out more advanced attacks. They shared this in a blog post, explaining how these attacks are happening. The hackers come from countries like Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China.

One group, called Forest Blizzard, is from Russia. Microsoft links them to a Russian military unit and says they've targeted groups linked to the conflict in Ukraine. This group uses AI to learn about satellite communications and radar technologies. They're also trying to make tasks like handling files easier with AI.

Another group named Salmon Typhoon is based in China. They've aimed at government and defense targets in the US. This group uses AI to spot mistakes in coding and to translate technical documents.

Microsoft plans to keep working with OpenAI to understand how these cybercriminals use AI. They're taking steps to stop these hackers by disrupting their online presence and improving security around AI technology. They also mentioned using a service called Copilot for Security to fight against these AI-powered cyber threats.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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