TikTok Steps Up to Fight Election Misinformation in the EU

TikTok is getting ready to help stop fake news before the EU elections in June. The company is creating 27 "Election Centers" within its app, one for each EU country. These centers will give users trustworthy information about the elections. TikTok's plan includes starting media literacy campaigns and making a special team in its Dublin office to focus on EU election misinformation.

The information hubs in the app will be in the local languages of each country. They will share details from official sources. Even though 30% of the EU's Members of Parliament are on TikTok, the app does not allow them to run paid political ads or make money from the platform.

TikTok has over 6,000 people who check the content in EU languages. It also works with nine European groups that check facts. They label posts that might not be true. TikTok will also share details about secret operations it finds and stops on its platform.

This isn't the first time TikTok has created Election Centers. They did the same for elections in Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia in 2021.
TikTok is also watching out for AI-made or changed videos and calls that could trick people. In the US, there have been fake videos and calls pretending to be President Biden.

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