OpenAI Sets Eyes On New AI Project Worth Trillions As Sam Altman Begins Talks With Potential Investors

OpenAI has made it very clear that it’s not coming slow in terms of its ambitions for the year 2024.

Sam Altman is said to be in talks with leading investors including the UAE government for a massive AI project that’s said to be worth trillions. This would entail the production of AI chips as confirmed by the WSJ in a new report.

The CEO has yet to unveil the curtain on what exactly the project is all about and how it’s only in the early stages. Meanwhile, the list of investors taking part in this ordeal is still unknown, the company explained.

Sam Altman also held similar discussions regarding the raising of funds for plans such as the production of a new plant with Japan and UAE-based investors such as their leading tech giants which include SoftBank Group and G42.

It’s not too shocking as we’ve heard the OpenAI CEO mention time and time again how the world needs more AI chips now than ever. He feels they are designed to better enhance performance and assist in running AI models that aren’t the easiest to function with such as the DALL-E image generator and the ever so popular ChatGPT tool.

The models need plenty of AI chips to ensure they function properly. And thanks to all of this, the demand for such products can never run low. As per Altman, there’s going to be a shortage of things like AI chips shortly, and to overcome such a problem, he feels it’s time that the matter is addressed now and necessary changes are made before it’s too late.

Such shortages can give rise to a limited use of AI so there is a bigger need now than ever to work at a faster pace and to make sure the supply of AI chips does not arise before the end of the next decade.

Several days back, Sam Altman produced a post on X about how the world community needs to invest more in AI infrastructure than what is seen on the AI front.

Altman says making a bigger AI infrastructure and ensuring the right supply chain is in place can give rise to economic competitiveness and along the way, OpenAI is willing to help to the best of its ability.

After the news was rolled out in a recently published report from the WSJ, Altman mentioned through his post on X how OpenAI has really made massive strides in the world of tech, generating a staggering result of 100 billion words every single day.

Individuals and businesses around the globe are actively using ChatGPT for a long list of tasks and this is why Altman feels the need for a greater number of GPUs is greater now than before. He further explained how investments are needed on this front and how many GPUs can arise if investments worth $7 trillion arise.

In conclusion, we’d like to mention how the figures of $7 trillion are clearly no joke. It’s close to 10% of the overall GDP that we’re seeing arise around the world, and it’s not small. The figure is much higher than estimations linked to big firms working today like Samsung, Intel, and even Nvidia. This just goes to show how strongly Altman feels about the future of AI chips.

For now, the discussions on this front are still in their early stages but it would be interesting to see what such investments can bring about shortly.

Sam Altman discusses with investors, including UAE government, about a significant AI project, per WSJ.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen/HumanEdited

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