Apple Warns Against Rice-Drying Method for Wet iPhones

Smartphone giant, Apple cautions against the age-old remedy of rice-drying for wet iPhones. Despite its popularity, experts have long frowned upon this method, suggesting its inefficacy. Now, the tech behemoth itself steps in, warning users about potential rice particles wreaking havoc on their devices.

The company advocates for a different approach i.e. gently tapping out any liquid, ensuring the phone's connector faces downward, followed by allowing it to air-dry. Despite smartphones' advancing tech, the go-to fixes for water mishaps remain rather primitive.

Apple seizes the moment to steer users clear of other questionable methods. Alongside rice, it advises against heat sources or compressed air, meaning no hairdryers or radiator rendezvous. Moreover, inserting foreign objects like cotton swabs or paper towels is a no-go.
Instead, the guidance suggests leaving the phone in a dry, airy spot before reconnecting it to a charger. As pointed out by Michael Simon, the evolving smartphone designs may render such advice obsolete in the future, with devices becoming more water-resistant.

Recent models like the iPhone 12 onward boast immersion resilience up to six meters deep for half an hour. Yet, as the global second-hand mobile market burgeons amid rising living costs, many may still seek advice on handling a waterlogged smartphone.

Instead, the tech giant recommends tapping out liquid and air-drying phones with connectors facing downward.
Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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