Revealed: Top 10 Best-Selling Smartphones of 2023, Apple Claims Majority

Apple has achieved an unprecedented milestone in the smartphone market, dominating the top seven positions in the global list of best-selling smartphones for the year 2023, according to CounterPoint Research team. This marks the first time in history that any company has claimed such a significant portion of the market.

CounterPoint's data reveals that the iPhone 14 emerged as the best-selling smartphone of 2023, with notable sales figures recorded in key markets such as the US and China. The model contributed significantly to Apple's overall sales, though its share decreased compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 13, indicating a shift in consumer preferences towards newer models.

Here's the breakdown of the top 10 best-selling smartphones in 2023 along with their respective global market shares:
  1. iPhone 14 — 3.9 percent
  2. iPhone 14 Pro Max — 2.8 percent
  3. iPhone 14 Pro — 2.4 percent
  4. iPhone 13 — 2.2 percent
  5. iPhone 15 Pro Max — 1.7 percent
  6. iPhone 15 Pro — 1.4 percent
  7. iPhone 15 — 1.4 percent
  8. Galaxy A14 5G — 1.4 percent
  9. Galaxy A04e — 1.3 percent
  10. Galaxy A14 4G — 1.3 percent
In a First, Apple Captures Top 7 Spots in Global List of Top 10 Best-selling Smartphones

Interestingly, Apple's success in 2023 was not solely driven by its latest offerings. While the iPhone 15 series made its mark, older models such as the iPhone 13 continued to maintain strong sales, particularly in markets like Japan and India. This trend underscores the enduring appeal of Apple's product lineup across different regions and consumer segments.

Despite facing stiff competition, particularly from Samsung, Apple's overall sales remained stable throughout the year. This resilience can be attributed in part to the company's strategic expansion into emerging markets such as India and the Middle East and Africa (MEA), where demand for iPhones saw significant growth.

Meanwhile, Samsung managed to secure three spots in the top 10 list with its budget-friendly A series. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G notably captured eighth place, driven by strong sales in markets like the US and India. Additionally, the affordability of LTE-capable models like the Samsung Galaxy A04e and A14 4G contributed to their popularity in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Looking ahead to 2024, industry experts anticipate that the top 10 best-selling smartphones will represent an even larger proportion of total smartphone sales. OEMs are expected to focus on leaner portfolios, with Chinese brands likely to enter the list. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of 5G-only models is expected to shape the composition of the top 10 in the coming year.

Apple's dominance in the smartphone market underscores the company's ability to innovate and capture consumer demand across a diverse range of markets and demographics. As competition intensifies and technological advancements continue to drive the industry forward, all eyes will be on the evolving landscape of smartphone sales in the years to come.

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