Google Stops Gemini's AI Image Creation Tool Due to Wrong Images

Google's Gemini, an AI-powered tool, is not working right now, because it made some mistakes with pictures.

People on social media said Gemini showed wrong images of historical figures, like making the founding fathers look like people of color.

Google shared a post on X claiming that they are trying to fix these issues quickly. They explained that Gemini tries to show a mix of people in its images because users from around the world use it. But Google admitted that Gemini did not do a good job with historical images.

Social media users report Gemini displaying historical figures inaccurately, sparking debate over its image generation.

Critics of Gemini's image generation have accused the tool of being overly influenced by modern sensibilities around diversity and inclusivity, to the point of altering historical facts.

Some people commenting on Google's post said Gemini was "too woke." They think Gemini is making too many changes to be politically correct, especially about race. Gemini started in December 2023, and its image-making tool was introduced in February 2024. It works by responding to users' requests, similar to how ChatGPT works, using Google's own information.

Following the controversy, Google has temporarily paused the use of Gemini's image generation feature. The company has promised to address the issues raised and to release an improved version of the tool in the near future.

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