Android’s Latest Developer Preview To Include Hidden Incoming 2FA Codes From Other Apps On Your Device

Just when you thought the latest Android 15 developer preview was far from impressive, we’ve got some saving grace news for you about how things aren’t that bad, after all.

The company has a few other surprises in the pipeline and one of the features that’s getting plenty of hype right now has to do with hidden 2FA codes that can be hidden on the device.

Yes, so that means any 2FA codes arising from any app on your phone can be hidden to ensure utmost security and privacy.

This is said to be an integral factor used for keeping people safe online today, especially considering how the risks of hacking and malicious activities continue to be at large. There is a wide array of means for putting this into effect. Remember, one-time passwords sent through text messages are not ideal because of how non-secure this technical means is. But when you compare it to others including simple passwords, we do feel it’s much more convenient for so many users out there today.

Among how hackers can hack into such codes through malicious applications, 2FA continues to lead the pack. But don’t lose your hope just yet as tech giant Android can stop this from taking place.

As mentioned by tech media outlet Android Authority, the latest Android permission dubbed ‘Receive Sensitive Notifications’ would need to be approved by the leading device maker. This new option would work with new flags dubbed OTP Redaction that could hide 2FA codes through notifications and alerts.

For now, it’s not too clear in terms of how it all would work but it might disguise OTP codes through lock screen and disguise data from applications that can be read through alerts coming in.

This would go down well in regards to Android’s latest chance to block apps dubbed untrustworthy as it stops reading alerts arising on the first occasion.

As far as when this ordeal might take place is concerned, we’re not quite sure right now as it’s just too early. The tidbits received so far in this regard found across the Android 14 showed how it might imply that Android 15’s latest debut might feature this but right now, that’s not the case.

Android 15's potential feature hides 2FA codes, combating hacking risks and prioritizing user security.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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