YouTube Analytics Keeps Creators Informed About Top-Earning Content Including Shorts And Videos

If you’re a content creator then you’re probably going to love this next piece of news.

Video streaming giant YouTube has made it so much easier for creators to keep tabs on which content is giving them the best results online. And that comes through its new and improved Analytics section.

Each time you check for revenue generated through format cards, users will get a glimpse of the estimated combined revenue for the format of the video chosen, 28 days in advance. In addition to that, creators will attain lists of their best-performing content online including videos and how much revenue has been generated off of them.

The news is major because it’s this kind of data that both brands, as well as marketers, were trying to make the most of in terms of generating informed decisions on how content can best be optimized via monetization strategies, depending on how successful they were in the past.

Shorts, Videos, and Lives are among the leading pieces of content seen online by which creators make the most revenue. And data from all three of them is now going to be up for grabs for the creators’ convenience. YouTube Shorts allows creators to produce and share content in vertical short-form format and it goes for one minute or less than that.

Similarly, VOD, better known as Videos on Demand would enable users to produce and share short videos in a vertical format that lasts for one minute or less than that.

Last but not least, YouTube Lives gives them the chance to connect with audience members in real-time via the feed and chat section, alongside interactive options on display.

Creators rejoice as YouTube introduces enhanced Analytics, providing revenue insights and top-performing content lists.

H/T: Creator Insider / YT

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