YouTube Triumphs To Become Top Streaming Service Across The US Again With A Consecutive 12 Month Winning Streak

YouTube is a force to reckon with in the world of television and streaming. In case you beg to differ, you might want to refer to the latest stats report released by Nielsen today.

The tech giant has managed to become the front-runner in streaming services across the US today again, after securing a win for 12 consecutive months in the past.

The latest blog post on this front spoke about how they were celebrating this massive achievement with a bang and now the leading streaming service that comes under the ownership of Google has an average viewership of one billion hours of content from the app featuring on their TV screens.

In the second place, there was no surprise as it’s Netflix who managed to take 7.9% of the viewership against YouTube’s 8.6%. This shows how dominating the app has been in this regard to actually have 12 months of consecutive success in heading the race.

YouTube celebrates surpassing 1 billion hours of average viewership on TV screens, solidifying its streaming dominance.

The news was confirmed through a recently published blog post from the firm celebrating this achievement as a major milestone. The leading streaming service that comes under the ownership of Google mentioned how many US citizens gave preference to YouTube, despite having a wide array of options available in terms of streaming online.

This is also proof of the fact that more and more people prefer videos generated by users instead of classic television shows. Meanwhile, 61% of Gen Z spoke about how they favored content generated by users over other kinds of formats for content that were up for grabs.

In addition to these facts, creators were witnessing a large rise in viewership arising from televisions. As per the firm, the figure for leading YouTubers getting the greatest viewership across television has increased by more than 400%.

One creator who goes by the name of HopeScope mentioned how they give reviews on viral products and people love seeing that. Therefore, their channel saw a massive 172% rise in watch time across TV since the start of 2023. So as you can see, the success of YouTube is great for creators producing family-friendly content that continues to battle it out against stiff competition arising from apps like TikTok which continues to attain the attention of kids.

On average, kids between the ages of 4 to 18 were spending worldly average of close to 112 minutes per day on the app in 2023 as per the recently published study.

While you might see the app have a great presence in places like your living room, the platform TikTok continues to lead in places like mobile devices. This means short-form video applications have already begun carrying out trials for videos that were up to 30 minutes long. This might cause a dent in YouTube’s success as it was known for both its long-form and short-form content, with the former being a greater source of revenue in the past.

We’ve also seen TikTok enter the spatial reality location where it was rolling out native applications in places like the Vision Pro from iPhone maker Apple. On the other hand, we saw YouTube take a step back and opt out of creating a dedicated application for such devices.

We’re also bearing witness to several other leading achievements for the YouTube app in the past few months. This entails YouTube Music where close to 100 million users are paying for subscriptions, the same case being for the Premium tier of the app.

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