X Rolls Out Audio And Video Calling Features To All Non-Premium Members On The App

Social media giant X has just rolled out the latest array of audio and video calling features for those who are non-premium on the app.

This means they can now benefit from the vast number of audio and video calls, similar to how paying Premium members could in the past. It’s a huge deal, or at least that’s how Elon Musk and his team of executives feel about the matter.

We’re seeing that now expand further so getting access to the best connectivity options is as simple as can be.

They hope to roll out more audio and video options in the future and this appears to be the first step taken in the right direction.

Image: @enriquebrgn / X

X first rolled out audio and video calls to its Premium members on iPhones in October of 2023. He then chose to bring that forward to those who paid across Android in the previous month. Now, we’re seeing that expand further so all members on the platform can make use of it.

Now, many commoners might be asking what’s so cool about this when you can already do the same thing on your mobile device, not to mention apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. After all, nobody was waiting for X to roll this out so they could make calls.

Remember, Elon Musk mentioned how he hopes to get rid of his own phone number soon. And that’s because the X app would be replacing telecom as a whole, he adds. Looking at his dedication on this front and how he has dedicated a lot of disciples to the utterance, it makes sense why it might be a huge deal after all.

But sadly, we strongly feel that not a lot of users are really going to be caring about this. In case you aren’t a part of the majority and really do find this worth your time, you can kick off any audio and video calls through X connections. And that’s where you’ll see some kind of value mentioned for brands who are on the lookout to utilize the app to get the best customer service.

Not a lot of users on the X app would notice this. But for those in search of connectivity on the app, we do feel it might be important in terms of seeking a great strategic expansion.

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