Pew Unveils Social Media Usage Trends: YouTube Rules Adults' Choices, Gen-Z Flocks to Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok

American Gen-Z is currently using three of the biggest social media apps, namely Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. However, this trend isn't seen among US adults as they are mostly using YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. According to a Pew Research Report, 84% of the US adults said that they frequently use YouTube, followed by 68% who use Facebook. 47% of adults said that they use Instagram to see content about different things.

YouTube dominates US adult social media usage at 84%, followed by Facebook and Instagram - Pew Research.

Another app that adults in the US use to see pictures other than Instagram is Pinterest and this comes as the fourth most used app in the list with 35% of adults using it. TikTok is the fifth one with 33% and LinkedIn the sixth with 30% of adults using the apps in the US. WhatsApp and Snapchat reported 29% and 27% usage respectively. X (Formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit had a tie with 22% usage. BeReal was added to the list for the first time that only 3% of US adults have used.

If we compare these stats with Pew’s 2021 survey, TikTok saw a huge jump in its usage by 57% from 21% in 2021. WhatsApp was the second app with the highest usage jump with a 26% increase as compared to 23% in 2021. This report by Pew shows that Gen-Z are mostly using short-form video apps.

The report also shows the trends of social media apps among people according to their gender, race, and ethnicity. Instagram has a large number of Hispanic adult audiences (58%) and Asian(57%). TikTok is more popular among women(40%) as compared to men(25%). 53% of people with bachelor's degrees use LinkedIn. X is mostly used by adult Americans who have high incomes. There was also a decline in Facebook usage by 69% while X’s usage dropped by 23%. X’s reason for decline is many of the paid services, advertisements, and Elon Musk’s new policies.

Pew also reported that many social media apps will see a usage increase in 2024 because 80% of US adults use broadband and 90% of them have smartphones. 15% of the US adults use smartphones for broadband connectivity. Suburban areas of the US have 86% broadband usage and urban areas have 77% of broadband’s high-speed access. 63% of residents in rural areas of the US use broadband.

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