Telegram is Home to Many Scammers and Cyber Criminals Who Sell Many Phishing Tools at Cheap Prices

Telegram is a popular messaging app that has over one billion downloads and 700 million monthly users. However, this popular app is quite known for its selling and buying of phishing kits that scam users and sell their harmful wares. A cybersecurity startup, Guardio, published a report that sheds light on some phishing tools on Telegram. It was revealed that there are some harmful kits available on Telegram that can easily hack users’ social media and bank accounts logins. Guardia said that Telegram is a scammer’s heaven due to easy access and cheap prices of many phishing tools.

There are also many phishing groups on Telegram where different scammers share data with other scammers and use phishing tools for hacking and phishing. For a few years, Telegram has become a home to many seasonal scammers and newcomers who sell malicious tools to steal the data of people. Some of the expensive phishing tools on Telegram also let the scammers create fake pages that easily bypass the 2FA. Some of the bots on Telegram also create cryptocurrencies for giveaways where the buyers can choose different types of illegal Tesla and Space-X-themed products.

There is also a term called ‘web shells’ that scammers also buy. These web shells are used to create websites with phishing materials on WordPress by a backdoor script. A scammer was selling 50 shells for $20 worth of bitcoin and many people were placing orders through Telegram messages. Many cyber criminals on Telegram were also selling social media accounts, credit cards, and bank account logins, and some of them used verified blue ticks to appear trustworthy.
In 2022, a Telegram scammer stole $6.5 million from different users by luring them to give their personal information. The terms of services of Telegram clearly state that users are not allowed to send spam or scam users but Telegram hasn't taken any action against these scammers. The CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, says that Telegram removes millions of harmful content from its app and website but the rise in these cyber criminals on Telegram tells us otherwise.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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