A New Study Shows that AI Can Help a Lot in Resolving Cases About Copyright Infringement

A new study shows that digital watermarks with AI will help a lot in legal cases of copyright infringement. This technology is going to make it easier to evaluate the data and lawsuits will be easier to file if there is a violation to any of the data. Moreover, this will also help in presenting more accurate evidence to the court. Copyrighting your data is a great way to stop anyone else copying your data and then presenting it as their own. Even though many people are copyrighting their data with digital watermarks and AI, this can also increase the small- scale cases about copyright infringement.

This whole study was done by James Griffin who is from University of Exeter Law School. Other prominent people in the study included Kyriaki Noussia, Stanislava Nedeva, Stavros Zervoudakis, Jonathan Lux and John McNamara. These researchers used AI to see how it can understand and solve cases regarding copyright lawsuits. The result showed that the more digital and complex watermarks, the more accurate results will be concluded. Nowadays, a digital print watermark is being used to copyright YouTube videos. In the coming days, it is possible that these kinds of digital watermarks will be used in physical media like 3D printing.

James Griffin, a researcher in this study, said that AI will bring a lot of revolutions in laws when it comes to digital watermarks and machine learning. It can use digital fingerprints language programming languages that make the copyright disputes about 3D printing resolve more quickly. AI also provides accurate and quick evidence about copyright infringement and this will help in spreading AI when it comes to laws. However, this will create more arguments but it will also start many discussions about watermarks and copyright infringements.

What this study actually shows is that AI is useful to resolve copyright issues as compared to many copyright hearings. AI uses the ADR method that is responsible for resolving 3D printing copyright issues in a neutral manner. AI can also assist many judges with their cases by assisting in process management, gathering information and analyzing facts.

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