X is Trying Out a New Feature that Will Help Creators Better Manage their Replies on Their Posts

X is currently testing out a new feature that will let users manage their post replies. These replies will be sorted out in terms of Time, Engagement and Trending. X News Daily shared an example of this new feature, that will help the users to set a replies option on their post. These replies can be set according to the most interesting replies, most recent replies and replies with the most engagements. Users can easily update their reply preferences and enjoy the replies to a post on X.

X's new feature allows users to set reply preferences based on interesting, recent, or engaging replies.

Many X users are focusing on replies under their posts lately because of the Creator Ad Revenue Share Program. Through this program, verified creators of X get some percentage of ad income for the advertisements that are displayed in the replies of their posts. The verified users who get approved for Ad Revenue Share Program are the only ones who can get paid through ads.
This initiative has driven creators on X to put more focus on replies and that’s why X is creating new ways to help creators. Creators can manage their replies accordingly to the responses they get on their posts. Creators will also remain up-to-date with their response if they change the settings of the replies to ‘most recent’. This will help creators interact more with their followers and anyone who has replied to their post. However, it has not been clarified what X means by ‘Trending’ replies. Maybe, it means that replies that are by verified or big accounts or it can also mean that replies that have gotten most replies back. We are not sure yet but we will see once this feature has been completely enrolled. With the help of this feature, many creators on X will get more engagements and will know how to manage their posts to get the most responses.

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