Social Media Trends that Ask You For Your Personal Information can Be the Reason You Get Hacked

Instagram is full of the latest trends that are fun and help users understand each other better. Even though many social media trends appear harmless, there is a chance that the information users give in these trends can get into the hands of hackers. Nowadays, there is a template trend going around on Instagram where users have to answer 11 questions. The questions are all personal like date of birth, height, favorite food, phobias, etc. This template started going viral in December 2023 and many people are still using it for fun. Although, many people have posted this template on their Instagram story with their answers that disappear after 24 hours. But many Instagram users have also shared the template on TikTok, titled as Get to Know Me.

Despite all this, there is one user on TikTok that is asking other users to not use this template to post their personal information. Eliana Shiloh was the creator who posted a TikTok video and said that she was about to fill this template when a thought of her information being used for hacking striked her mind. She asked the users to delete the video or picture they have posted on social media with this trend. With 1.6 million views on her video, many viewers said that she is exaggerating and there is nothing to be concerned about. Some also said that the questions in the template aren’t that personal and that their security could be at risk.

There are many security or personal questions that are asked to users so if they forget their account’s password, they can log in via using the answer to that personal question. Not many companies still use this method as other more authentic ways are now available like sending codes to text or email. Elianah made another video warning users that giving out their birthday to the public may not seem like a big deal, but hackers can use your birthday to acquire more information about you.

Even the National Cybersecurity Alliance has warned people that telling people online your personal information could be a risky move and hackers can have a field day with it. There are many instances where sharing personal information on social media led to cyber attacks. In 2020, students who were graduating in the same year started the trend with the hashtag “#classof2020” with their photos. This was a risky move and hackers could use the college name and year of graduation to hack other personal information. So, it’s best to never take part in a social media trend that asks you about your personal information.

Social Media Trends that Ask You For Your Personal Information can Be the Reason You Get Hacked
Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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