Whatsapp RCS, SMS, iMessage: Survey Shows Which Messaging App People Prefer And Use The Most

People all around the world use different apps for messaging. But with most iPhone users in the US, they prefer using iMessage for messaging people. Many Android users say that they do not get how people can use iMessage for messaging when there are many other messaging apps available. On the other hand, Android users use SMS or some other apps for messaging people. iPhone and Apple users say that they do not get how people can install and use other messaging apps on their phones when they can use the app that is already installed in the device.

For some people. Google's RCS or SMS is enough but for others, they may seem like boring platforms for messaging. There are many other platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram that are far better than usual messaging apps like iMessage and SMS. To know about what people prefer as their platform for messaging, 9to5Google conducted a survey in the mid of December 2023. This is the best way to know the preferences of people. The results of the survey were not shocking at all.

Based on 8696 votes, WhatsApp was what many people preferred as their messaging app with 31.90% of users voting for it. This tells us that WhatsApp is always going to be the messaging app that people love and prefer over other apps. The second highest votes went to Google’s RCS with 19.79% users saying that they like using it for messaging. SMS had the third highest polling votes with 10.69%. iMessage that most iPhone users like for messaging had 6.35% votes and that says that it isn’t as liked as people make it out to be. Telegram tied with iMessage as the preferred messaging app of 6.35% of respondents.

The next messaging apps in the list were Signal (5.66%), Facebook Messenger (4.90%), Discord (3.23%) and Google Chat (2.71%). There were also some other messaging apps that were included in the survey like Instagram/Twitter DMs, SnapChat, WeChat, Viber, KiK and others. But they didn’t get many votes. So, in conclusion, WhatsApp is the king of messaging app that people prefer over other platforms.

Which messaging application do you utilize more than any alternative?
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