Instagram's Upcoming Profile Collection Feature Will Help You Curate Your World

Instagram is all set to broaden its Collections feature, offering users the ability to share curated posts on their profiles. This move aims to enhance user understanding of individual interests.

As spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi on X, the public Collections option allows visitors to explore a user's curated content within the app. This can serve as a useful tool for showcasing diverse interests such as celebrities, books, or movies, aiding visitors in their decision to "Follow."

Beyond the Feed: Instagram's Next Chapter with Profile Collections
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi / X

This extension follows Instagram's collaborative Collections feature launched in 2023, allowing users to initiate private discussions based on a post. Any chat user can contribute to the collection, fostering more engaging conversations around shared interests.

The new experiment, still in development since September 2023, focuses more on the individual, providing a potential avenue for like-minded users to connect.

While the option may not be ready for an immediate launch, it presents an intriguing opportunity. Brands, if included in profiles, could use it as an additional platform to showcase their products.

However, there's a possibility of it feeling cluttered, an issue Instagram has actively worked to avoid in its design and user experience. The success of this experiment will be revealed when Instagram decides to release the new profile Collections feature.

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