Snapchat Gives Parents Greater Control Over Teenage Accounts On The App

Popular social media app Snapchat is making parents happy after providing greater control over their teenager's account usage on the platform.

The company announced how it has just rolled out its latest series of parental controls that give them the chance to keep tabs on what they’re doing on the app. This includes a longer list of restrictions regarding interactions conducted through the platform’s AI chatbot feature called ‘My AI’.

Snapchat introduces enhanced parental controls, allowing parents to monitor and restrict their teenager's activities, including AI chat interactions.
Image: Snap

They would also similarly be getting greater access to the Family Center which gives them the chance to see the user’s privacy settings and also similarly adjust how much control they wish to have over them.

The feature was rolled out in the year 2022 and since then, the chatbot rollout has gotten a long list of criticism from the masses. Many referred to it as the most invasive feature as it intruded into the user’s inbox and even tracked locations unexpectedly. In the same way, it was slammed for giving rise to explicit-themed chats arising between the chatbot and any minors over the usage of banned substances or intimate actions.

With the latest safeguards in place, the app confirmed how more protections would be present that keep kids safe from harmful threats and inappropriate behavior. This would arise in the form of temporary barring of users if they violate policies and misuse the app. In the same way, they hope to include more age-awareness features.

Parents would now be able to see the teenager’s safety as well as privacy settings and that includes who they are allowing and who they are barring from seeing their posts online. They can even keep tabs on location sharing through the Snap Map and disable that if they want to ensure a safer experience.

But the most important feature of them all has to be the launch of viewing the user’s contact list to view who’s allowed to contact them and who is not.

For a while now, the app was subject to so much legal action in terms of adults taking part in grooming minors and giving rise to drug deals with teenagers. This involves using harmful drugs like Fentanyl inside the platform’s messaging endeavor.

More on this front has to do with how the company’s head would be arriving in the US Senate and testifying about how his platform is making sure children are safe at all times. Moreover, he would be amongst the reps arising from several leading social media apps like TikTok and even X.

Furthermore, both the company and arch-rival firm Meta are expected to give justifications to the EU on what safeguards are in place to keep children safe at all times.

During the start of the week, we saw Meta update its own parental control policies too where they announced a long list of protective tools that were focused on the likes of creating content that teenagers witnessed across Instagram or even Facebook. This entailed similar restrictions in place as well as changes to its control settings.

Thanks to the company’s latest rollout of parental controls, parentals would even get quicker and easier access to the app’s Family Center. The latter has been promoted as the main means that showcases the dynamics of the real world and any relationships taking place amongst both teenagers and parents. The latter would get the latest insights on what kids are doing and who they are interacting with the most on the platform.

This would all take place while they respect the user’s privacy standards in terms of personal chats. It’s all very interesting when you come to think of it. Remember, the app’s top audience and users include young teens who are a core part of the company’s success over the years.

Recent studies were carried out featuring 1500 teens of which 60% confirmed to use the app regularly. They comprised of the age bracket 13 to 17 years and that just goes to show how popular the image-sharing app is for the youth.

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