OpenAI Moves Toward Winning Parents’ Trust After Latest Collaboration With Common Sense Media

Tech giant OpenAI has been at the forefront for months as it wishes to win parents’ trust as well as that linked to policymakers after being called out as unsafe for minors.

But the ChatGPT maker is making sure people steer far away from that impression of it being unsafe for various reasons. That is why it’s creating a new partnership with firms so that it works to limit tech and media dangers to youngsters.

The main point worth focusing upon here has to do with OpenAI rolling out a new partnership with Common Sense Media which is the top non-profit firm known for reviewing the ranks of suitability of different media and tech for youngsters. The goal is to partner up with AI guidelines and education materials so that parents and young adults can benefit.

As part of this collaboration, we’re saying hello to OpenAI to work with the firm to curate family-friendly GPTs at the store. So this means giving rise to GPT’s marketplace depending on the ratings observed and the standards used for evaluation, the CEO added.

The goal is to ensure AI rolls out great benefits for both teenagers as well as families so that the collaboration will strengthen the safety work taking place here too. In the end, families and youngsters could make use of tools with great affirmation that there’s nothing to worry about and that their trust would never be compromised as explained by Sam Altman.

The partnership rollout comes at a time when OpneAI said it needed to become an integral part of the framework that went live in September. Both ratings and reviews were created to first assess safety and transparency as well as ensure the right use of things ethically and its effect on a wide array of AI products.

The framework by which Common Sense works is designed to give rise to nutrition labels that benefit AI-powered platforms as per a report by Common Sense’s CEO is really worth a mention. He shed light on how many apps are being used for the wrong reasons and now there is a greater need to ensure things are rolling out in the right direction.
A new press release was rolled out by the company that shed light on how parents of today are not aware of how modern tech works and which trends are in place. They do not have the right knowledge in terms of what GenAI tools are up for grabs like ChatGPT as compared to the younger generations of today.

A new press release also shed light on how a recently conducted poll shed light on how 58% of all students between the ages of 12 to 18 made use of ChatGPT when compared to 30% of parents who were school-going.

Today, many are speaking about how the world of AI is not only negative but can have positive effects too. That is the goal of the company and hence the main reason why the partnership between Common Sense and OpenAI continues to go strong as we speak.

Together, they hope to be in a relationship to ensure all things work together so that AI has the best influence on teenagers and various families.

The goal is to have the right guides and curation in place to ensure families remain educated at all times and safe and sound too. They are super responsible when using ChatGPT tools so that they can collectively avoid the negative effects of this rising technology.

Right now, the tech giant is under great pressure from a whole list of regulators to display how its GenAI-powered technology is a major boon to society. During the summer of last year, the American FTC spoke up about a leading investigation into the world of OpenAI and how ChatGPT was harming users via its collection of data and publication of fake news on users. Meanwhile, data regulators across Europe have even shown greater concerns regarding OpenAI’s private dealings and handling.

So many tools including GenAI are confidently making things up and getting basic facts incorrect. They are biased and a true reflection of the data in use for training purposes.

OpenAI Partners with Common Sense Media to Ensure Safety in Tech for Kids
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen/HumanEdited

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