TikTok Trails Behind, Instagram Secures Top Spot in December Downloads

Meta's Threads app gained immense popularity in December, with daily downloads being tripled. However, the question is, is it the most downloaded application worldwide?

The rankings for December prove that it wasn’t. Almost 54M new users downloaded Instagram via the Apple and Google Play Store in December. 80 percent of downloads were from Google Play and positioned the application above TikTok.

As of December, TikTok came second with 47M new downloads. The download ratio was rather balanced, with 60% and 40% from Google Play and Apple Store respectively.

These numbers from AppFigures shows that TikTok is relatively more in demand.

The top 5 list also includes WhatsApp, Facebook and Cap cut. WhatsApp and Facebook have maintained their positions for the whole year. This is quite obvious considering Facebook’s popularity and the communication power that WhatsApp offers.

However, Cap Cut’s trend has been haphazard. In the start of 2023, Cap Cut was consistently seen in the top 5. In June, it fell to the bottom of our list.

Now, you must be wondering what about the Uber-famous ‘Threads’?

This app displayed a good response on the Google and App store in December. However, it was not significant enough to reach the top 5.

As per AppFigures estimates, Threads had 12M new downloads on the App store. This made it rank on the 4th spot. Google Play stats were a bit different. The app garnered 16M new downloads, and came on the 8th spot. The 6th place was reserved for Threads on the combined list.

When looking at the bigger picture, it became clear that this upsurge was just a holiday trend. Altogether, the top 10 applications received 34M new downloads in December. This shows a small, but significant increase of 7% from November.

Instagram and TikTok Stand Strong: December's Top 5 App Downloads Unveiled

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