California Lawmakers Propose New Bills For Kids Protection From Social Media Addiction

The state of California is willing to roll out a list of bills that are designed to ensure kids remain protected from all kinds of social media harms at all times.

The lawmakers in the state have floated a few ideas regarding the privacy of minors’ data and also about how changes to laws from the past also need to be discussed in detail. The new laws arose after a state law regarding a safety bill for kids was launched and said to be rolled out soon but for now, that’s not happening and it’s been put on hold.

The new law would give parents the chance to get rid of addictive algorithms and feeds belonging to their kids’ social media channels. Once that’s passed, it would enable parents of those kids below the age of 18 to choose whether or not they could attain access to apps online during their school hours or night hours.

Social media firms have created platforms to ensure users are not addicted and that means kids too. So many studies have gone on to speak about how youngsters are getting addicted to the likes of depression, low self-esteem, and even anxiety.

For a while now, social media firms have been working hard in terms of trying to ensure the right safety and safeguards are in place so parents remain on alert at all times and stop such harms from arising.

For a while, the AB 1949 would establish greater control of privacy and security for those below the age of 18. This law would the country’s users the chance to realize what kind of personal data various social media firms collect and sell out, enabling them to stop the sale of kids’ data belonging to third-party individuals. Any exception to this case would force people to have some informed consent that should be linked to a parent who has kids below the age of 13.

Additionally, the new law would shut down loopholes in the CCPA that failed in terms of protecting the information belonging to 17-year-olds as a whole. And if you did not know, the CCPA holds the right to ensure the right guards are in place for those below 16.

This new law is a serious step in terms of the world's need to shut the gaps in the privacy laws that enable tech giants to exploit and make money off of kids’ sensitive data featuring impunity.

The new laws may arrive at a time when they’re in coincidence with the American Senate and have hearings that cover online safety belonging to kids. Additionally, the state of California happens to be a part of a mega 41-state coalition that carried out legal action against Facebook’s parent firm as it harmed kids’ mental health.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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