OpenAI CEO States The Future Of Artificial Intelligence Depends On Climate-Friendly Energy As Power Sources

The CEO for OpenAI is talking about the role of breakthrough energy sources and how the future of AI depends on that.

The news came when Sam Altman discussed how valuable reusable energy was for the tech world because the future of AI is going to rely on an incredible amount of power and usage rates would surpass what we’ve ever seen in the past.

To ensure things go as planned and to meet the ever-rising demand for consumption, Altman reinforced how the silver lining in the whole matter was to find energy sources that are healthier for the climate and ecosystem in general. This includes nuclear fusion or perhaps solar power sources which he thinks will revolutionize the path forward for the world of AI.

But that can only be attained when the world finds a breakthrough in this regard. This includes motivating users to invest in the likes of fusion technology to get close to sustainable energy sources.

We also saw how Altman promoted a similar idea in 2021 when he put out $375 million to a local American nuclear fusion firm called Helion Energy. This signed a massive deal and as a part of that contract means providing energy to software giant Microsoft in the future.

For those who are not aware, one of the biggest investors in the ChatGPT maker firm is Microsoft and only through the latter’s financial backing has it been able to attain the right kind of finances and computing resources related to the world of AI and tech.

Toward the end, Altman also discussed how he hoped and prayed that the world would give more importance to nuclear fission as that can serve as a wonderful energy source as well for many to benefit from.

Image: Bloomberg

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