Federal Appeals Court Denies X’s Latest Challenge For A Non-Disclosure Order For Trump’s Twitter Account Data

Elon Musk’s X Corp just received a rejection from a US Federal Appeals Court for a non-disclosure order to attain data from the Twitter account of Donald Trump.

The matter arose after Jack Smith issued a search warrant for the former President’s account on the leading social media app but it seems like the judges in service hold a conservative mind frame and will not provide any kind of executive privileges for this matter.

Smith is a former employee of Twitter, now X, and he got a search warrant last year in January for the act of investigating the country’s former commander-in-chief. The goal was regarding a criminal case to see if Trump did actually make efforts to try and turn the election results in his favor as he was losing to Biden.

During that time, he also got a non-disclosure order on this front that prevented X from revealing the search warrant to Trump or any other person. So as a part of allowing Smith to keep the search warrant, the court mentioned how it was a reasonable ordeal to believe that such acts could result in evidence tampering, intimidate any witnesses, or simply cause major jeopardy in the legal case.

At the start, X did not wish to comply with this warrant and the court in DC penalized the firm with $350k. On that note, X turned over all the information that Smith was in search of.

Then in August of last year, X’s appeal on this matter was rejected. And that’s when the tech giant looked to gain momentum by appealing again and asking for a rehearing. This is when the host of judges argued about the last decision being made in error.

Then on Tuesday, the matter was returned to the appeals court and that is where the firm’s challenge was denied again in a new order. But it did not seem to be a unanimous call as four of the 11 judges did condemn the court for giving Smith a new secretive search warrant.

A statement was also released that mentioned how such a gambit shouldn’t have been endorsed to begin with and then an order for a rejection of the rehearing was performed.

They felt strongly about how it was a historic event to see judges not following precedents that were created for years. In the same way, they feel the efforts made by Smith bypassed any kind of executive privilege and disregarded the balance in place toward the Presidential Records Act.

For now, no comments were made by reps of Smith who in fact refused to pass remarks on the recent filing made by the court. Similarly, no replies were made to requests for comments by media outlets too.

It’s clearly a controversial matter and one that is not going unnoticed.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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