Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Accuses AI Firms Of Stealing Copyrighted Data To Build Technology

The CEO of Salesforce is finally breaking his silence on the matter of AI and how strongly he condemns the actions of leading tech giants flourishing in this field.

Marc Benioff who is also the owner of Time Magazine went out against AI firms and how they achieved breakthrough success in their technology at the cost of others. He accused them of ripping off intellectual property that belonged to others so that they could design their tech.

Referring to the data as stolen, he says it’s unlawful to see such actions arising in the first place and how they call it training but it comes at the expense of others. During his interview that arose on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum, he disagreed with the methodology used and added how taking away intellectual property from media outlets like Time Magazine and The New York Times was unjustified as it had copyright claims.

Due to those acts of the past, many have become aware and are therefore increasing scrutiny to prevent such actions from taking place. So many large language models are being questioned as they are the ones fueling the demands of these tools in terms of attaining copyrighted content. And at the top of the list was OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and many were not surprised.

The publications from Benioff’s leading firm Time are a part of the list that he feels was ripped off and therefore he is now seeking compensation through a series of negotiations arising with OpenAI on the matter because according to him, it’s only fair how that works.

But it’s not alone on the list that entails many others including Warner Bros. CNN and also Fox Corp. As we speak, legal action has already been taken by media outlet The New York Times who sent out lawsuits in OpenAI’s direction as well as its top investor and software giant Mircosoft. The claims there are linked to making use of the publication’s content without getting content.

He further mentioned how no one knows what fair prices for these types of data are but that does not mean AI firms can carry on doing whatever they want. They should have fear and regard for others and they need to generate standard modes of payment so that all content creators are dealt with fairly.

He then went on to market his own company, Salesforce which makes use of AI Software that features trust layers to ensure users' security and privacy are maintained at all times. And that’s how they stop misuse from taking place.

But OpenAI fails to agree. They stated how they never made use of such protected content without getting the right form of permission. Moreover, CEO Altman also discussed how training data is not very valuable and far from the claims that its owners deem it to be.

To further debate the matter, Altman explained how the goal is not to train on content from top media sources. He actually feels strongly about using small figures of data that are of high quality and he ensures that they are not taken from any place that is deemed to be off-limits.

The tech giant is keen on establishing collaborations with a long list of companies for certain users like those publishing news and it hopes to have more of them in the future. This is one way he feels both parties may benefit, opening up more ways to monetize via informational or news pieces.

We saw last year in July how the firm signed contracts on this front, after entering into agreements with AP to get a hold of its news archives. They did something similar with Axel Springer to make use of a German-based media firm’s work but did not reveal the amount of money they offered for the service.

Benioff was similarly asked to comment on how he felt about the upcoming elections and according to him, the problem won’t be AI but social media. In that regard, he added how regulators failed to do their job in the past and that might be the same case right now.

Salesforce CEO condemns leading tech giants' AI actions, breaking silence on the matter, expressing strong disapproval.
Photo: Bloomberg / YT

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