World’s Top YouTuber MrBeast Gives Savage Reply To Elon Musk In Response To His Request Of Using X To Publish Content Directly

The world’s biggest YouTuber is making heads turn after giving out a savage reply to tech billionaire Elon Musk in regards to a request the latter made.

Musk has been looking for more ways to get his X app out of turmoil. Therefore, he’s making the most of every opportunity that he can get to try and win back users who seem to have gone far astray. Did we mention how many advertisers have taken an indefinite pause after seeing their ads aligned next to controversial content?

Hence, Musk asked MrBeast to publish his content on X and the savage response he attained is worth a mention.

The whole fiasco began when MrBeast whose actual name is Jimmy Donaldson, was given a suggestion by one X fan to try and put out content here. This is where Elon Musk also opted to join in the on-chat and replied, ‘Yeah’- clearly approving the strategy.

But that was not the strategy that MrBeast hoped to adopt. He says that his videos actually do end up costing millions and they were certainly not easy to make. Therefore, even if the viewership existed, X would never fund a portion of that. And since money makes the world go round, he was not keen on the offer.

However, the popular YouTuber did not shut down Musk’s idea completely. He hoped to see better monetization opportunities soon and when that stuff is going big, he will be back.

Musk’s app first started the whole idea of revenue sharing in the past year. And that was when the Tesla CEO confirmed how the initial set of payments worth $5 billion to creators was going out. Some really did make it big but others were left red in the fact and didn’t get exactly what they felt they deserved.

But the drama began in August when one YouTuber having close to 24 million subscribers on the channel explained how he made just $1590 in one month as per reports from Mashable.

Today, MrBeast has a staggering number of followers - 225 million in total on YouTube. Meanwhile, the figure stands at 25 million on X which is certainly not as much as the former but it’s still worth a mention. Hence, we can see why Musk would be keen on inviting big stars like him to the app for better engagement.

One interview with the popular magazine Rolling Stone had the star talking more in-depth about his content seen online and how it costs a huge sum of money. One simple video might seem like it’s not long at all but in reality, we’re talking skyrocketing costs that go into bringing it together.

MrBeast did admit that he could start doing videos that are cheaper in cost but he just does not feel like going down that road. He wishes to push all the boundaries and get better and bigger with time.

But Elon Musk has yet to decide to take a backseat on this front. This is not the first time that we’ve seen the billionaire request the popular YouTuber for a favor.

We saw him defending the star in public after he was bashed online for producing content that served as inspiration for explicit content. The latter was linked to the video, ‘1000 deaf people hear for the first time which got a lot of publicity but not everyone was happy.

For now, MrBeast and the X app are not generating responses to media outlet Business Insider’s request for a comment on the subject.

While declining the current proposition, MrBeast expressed openness to returning if improved monetization opportunities arise on the X app.
Photo: MrBeast / YT

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