Many Areas in USA and Canada Can Become Next Tech Hubs with Emerging Tech Talent

A recent report by CBRE shows that many cities in the USA and Canada are becoming tech hubs after San Francisco and New York. For the past many years, we have always heard that there is a lot of tech talent in San Francisco and New York City but now the tech talent can easily be found in other cities too. Tech talent means a group of workers who are extremely skilled in their tech fields and do innovations in industries to let the market grow. The tech talents can range from software developers to healthcare techs.

The biggest tech talent in the USA is Core High Tech which is related to computer software, its services, and product manufacturing with 41% talent. The second on the list is scientific and technical services with 11.7% tech talent. Young people are the biggest force behind these tech talents. The tech sector is the biggest source of employment in North America as about 7 million people work in the tech fields. Silicon Valley in San Francisco, which is USA’s biggest tech hub, has 407, 810 people working as tech talent. In 2022, the number of these workers was 378, 870. After San Francisco comes New York Metro, with 371, 030 workers which is 11% more than 2022. The Bay Area provides the largest amount of annual wage for the USA. After the Bay Area comes to Seattle and Boston.

Toronto in Canada is the third biggest tech talent in North America with 285, 700 workforce. A report from the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) and Canada’s Tech Network (CTN) shows that Canada is an emerging tech talent country because of its flexible immigration policies and great labor cost. In the last 5 years, cities like Vancouver, Waterloo, and Calgary have employed many tech workers in tech sectors. Between April 2022 and March 2023, many immigrants from India and Nigeria came to Canada for work, 32115 workers to be exact.

In the upcoming years, this report also shows that many other areas in the USA like Boise, Las Vegas, Palm Bay, and Birmingham will have high-tech talent that will help the economy grow. In Canada, Halifax and Winnipeg can become tech hubs too.

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