Top 10 Best and Worst Cities to Live in if You Are an Expat

If you are looking for countries to go to, Mercer has put out a ranking of the top countries that are best to live in. Everyone wants to leave their home country and experience life in some other country once in their life. So, the list will help you a lot in choosing a city to live and which city to avoid. So, without further delay, let's get to the list.

Best Cities to Live if You Are an Expat

10- Düsseldorf, Germany

People who have visited Düsseldorf say that they love this city in Germany because of its greenery and air quality. There is also a great infrastructure in the city and its train stations and airports are also great to travel in the city. Located in Western Germany, Düsseldorf is also known for its arts and culture.

9- Sydney, Australia

It is the largest city in Australia and the continent of Oceania, but only has a population of 5 million. People live in Sydney because of its beaches and that's the reason its seafood is also famous. It's a pretty calm city that welcomes all the expats warm-heartedly. As Australia’s national language, you can easily live there if you are fluent in English.

8- Vancouver, Canada

Located in British Columbia, Vancouver is a big city with beautiful parks, beaches, and artistic beauty. It also has nice restaurants and markets that make this city a great tourist attraction.

7- Munich, Germany

The next is the list is another city in Germany. It's also an economical city so if you plan your budget efficiently, you can easily survive there with 1500 euros a month. Munich also holds the biggest festival of beer called Oktoberfest. You need to learn some of the cultural norms of Munich if you want to act like a local.

6- Frankfurt, Germany

It looks like Germany has the most liveable cities for expats in the world. It has a great city life and its population of 750,000 also makes it a great city to live in.

5- Geneva, Switzerland

Home to Lake Geneva, Geneva lies in the part of Switzerland with the French. Geneva also has the headquarters of the United Nations and Red Cross and provides a beautiful sight of the city among the Alps Mountain Range.

4- Copenhagen, Denmark

According to Forbes, Copenhagen is the sixth-best city in the world if you want to raise a family. This is because it is affordable as compared to many cities and Denmark’s education system is also one of the best in the world.

3- Auckland, New Zealand

Aukland has remarkable landscapes and scenery. It also has many great restaurants and wine tastings. Even though it takes about 13 hours on a plane from LA to Auckland, it is all worth it if you are looking for a place to live.

2- Zurich, Switzerland

Another city from Switzerland on the list, Zurich is known for its colorful buildings and calm alleys. If you are looking for a city that is different from busy cities, try living in Zurich.

1- Vienna, Austria

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is the most liveable city in the world. The reason why this city came at the top in this ranking is because it is affordable, has great transport, and is clean as compared to other cities in the list.

Worst Cities to Live if You Are an Expat

10- Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Many people in Brazaville are criminals including robbers and assaulters. Mercer says that if you are visiting this city, beware to walk or drive at night.

9- Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli is full of refugees who are trying to get into Europe. This city often falls victim to political uprisings in Libya. Terrorism and kidnapping for ransom are common crimes in Tripoli.

8- Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

The US Department says that they cannot assist their citizens if they are in Burkina Faso so they should avoid traveling to Ouagadougou. Many violent crimes happen in the city and foreigners aren't safe there.

7- Damascus, Syria

If you are an expat, avoid going to Damascus because according to the US State Department, no part of Syria is safe to live in. Many killings happen in the city all the time.

6- N'Djamena, Chad

In 2018, Chad was declared the world’s poorest country. The infrastructure in the country and N’Djamena is almost non-existent and there's civil unrest. Crimes like kidnapping and terrorism are common there.

5- Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Recently, the president of Haiti was assassinated and Port-au-Prince is still recovering from an earthquake that occurred in 2010. There is so much poverty in the country which is one of the reasons for crime rates there.

4- Sanaa, Yemen Arab Republic

As Yemen is under civil war, it is not the best place to live for expats. There is no education, electricity, water, and other life necessities in Sanaa and the citizens are living from hand to mouth.

3- Bangui, Central African Republic

The city of Bangui is known for crimes that are common like kidnapping, assault, and armed robbery. There are no political policies in the country and that's why it is always in a state of civil unrest.

2- Baghdad, Iraq

After 9/11, Baghdad isn't a recommended city to live in because of conflicts between the US and Iraq. Terrorism is also common there.

1- Khartoum, Sudan

The worst city to live in is Khartoum, Sudan. Some conflicts are going on in the city and there is no infrastructure to support the citizens. Many US citizens who were already living there are hiring private security so they can leave the country easily.

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