Battle Of The Browsers: Microsoft Edge Reaches New High, Apple's Safari Takes Unexpected Nosedive, And Google Chrome Climbs Upwards

Statcounter is famous for rolling out the latest findings linked to the tech world and keeping users informed.

We see that happen at the start of every month and since the new year has begun, we’re witnessing some interesting findings linked to December 2023. This time around, we’re discussing the newest stats rolled out for the likes of search engines, browsers, and various operating systems.

You can find more details on the official website but we thought it would be great to give our users a little overview in terms of what happenings unfolded in the world of browsers for December 2023.

For starters, Microsoft Edge seems to be on a roll. The famous browser managed to reach new heights while Apple’s Safari took on an unexpected nosedive. On the other hand. Google Chrome continues to make its way upwards.

After losing out on the runner-up position against Apple’s Safar in the summer of 2023, it was very interesting to witness Microsoft Edge gain major stats in terms of its popularity and market share in December of 2023. The figures went from 11.2 to 11.9% and as one can imagine, it’s a new high. The latter is up for grabs across Windows, Linux, and even macOS.

Apple’s famous browser happens to be the only desktop browser across the report which is non-cross-platform in nature. We saw its stats jump from 13% to 8.9% and as one can imagine, the change was huge. There are yet to be any details on this front in terms of what led to the disastrous outcome, as it came very close to Firefox which stood at 7.6%.

Meanwhile, Google Chrome is still the famous go-to option for the masses in terms of desktop PCs. Today, it continues to stand strong with a whopping 65.2% market share which managed to rise by 3.1 points toward the end of last year.

Last but not least, Opera shut down the top 5 desktop browser list, ranking in a market share of 3.8%. So in order of most to least gains in the world of PCs are concerned, it’s Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

When you look at the stats in terms of mobile findings, it’s Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Samsung Internet, Opera, and then the UC Browser.

Microsoft Edge has so many users across both iPhone and Android. But it’s not anywhere close to the other leading arch-rivals in the industry. As per findings from Statcounter, the mobile market for Edge stands at a 0.24% market share.

We’ve just summed up the findings for your convenience. You can visit the official page of Statcounter to get some more in-depth findings. But please remember that a lot of similar reports by third parties aren’t usually 100% accurate.

Images: Statcounter

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